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Where Themes Are Stored
for each available layout, all grouped beneath the slide master. Any changes you make to
the slide master trickle down to the individual layout masters, but you can also customize
each of the individual layout masters to override a trickle-down setting. For example, on a
particular layout you can choose to omit the background graphic to free up its space on the
slide for extra content.
Slide Master view enables you to make design changes that affect the entire presentation.
Figure 4.2 shows the left pane enlarged so that the slide master and layout masters appear larger than the default.
If you would like your screen to look like that, drag the divider between the panes to the right until the thumbnails in
the left pane are a readable size.
A master is a set of speciļ¬ cations that govern formatting and appearance. PowerPoint actu-
ally has three masters: the slide master (for slides), the handout master (for handouts), and
the notes master (for speaker notes). This chapter deals only with the slide master.
For more on the handout and notes masters, see Chapter 17.
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