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Applying a Theme from the Gallery
Themes , also called design themes , contain a combination of colors, fonts, effects, backgrounds, and layouts. There
are also more specialized themes: color themes, font themes, and effect themes. When this topic uses the term
“theme” alone, it’s referring to a design theme. Where there is potential for confusion, the book calls it a design
theme to help differentiate it from the more specii c types of themes.
Applying a Theme from the Gallery
A gallery in PowerPoint is a menu of samples from which you can choose. You saw the
Layout gallery in Figures 4.2 and 4.3, for example.
The Themes gallery is a menu of all of the built-in themes plus any additional themes avail-
able from the current template or presentation fi le.
To select a theme from the gallery, follow these steps:
1. (Optional) If you want to affect only certain slides, select them. (Slide Sorter
view works well for this.)
2. On the Design tab, in the Themes group, if the theme you want appears, click
it, and skip the rest of these steps. If the theme you want does not appear, you
will need to open the gallery. To do so, click the down arrow with the line over it,
as shown in Figure 4.5.
Open the Themes gallery by clicking the down arrow with the line above it.
Click here to open
the Themes gallery
The Themes gallery opens, as shown in Figure 4.6. The gallery is divided into sec-
tions based upon the source of the theme. Themes stored in the current presenta-
tion appear at the top, under the This Presentation heading; custom themes you
have added (if any) appear next, under a Custom heading. Built-in themes appear at
the bottom, under the Offi ce heading.
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