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Applying a Theme Variant
To create your own theme i les, see “Creating a New Theme” later in this chapter.
To apply a theme to the presentation from a theme or template fi le, follow these steps:
1. On the Design tab, open the Themes gallery (see Figure 4.6) and click Browse
for Themes. The Choose Theme or Themed Document dialog box opens.
2. Navigate to the folder containing the file and select it.
3. Click Apply.
Any custom themes you might have previously saved are located by default in C:\Users\ username \AppData\
Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes. However, you don’t need to navigate to that location to open a
theme i le because all themes stored here are automatically included in the gallery already.
Applying a Theme Variant
Some themes come in several versions, called variants . These variants have the same basic
slide layouts and background graphics as the original, but may have different color, font,
and/or effect choices. For example, a theme that has a white background and black text
might have a black-background variant with white text. Variants are new in PowerPoint
To apply a variant, fi rst apply the desired theme, using any of the methods you learned
about earlier in this chapter. Then, on the Design tab, click one of the variants in the
Variants group. See Figure 4.7.
Select a variant for the chosen theme from the Design tab.
The Variants group, like the Themes group, has a down-pointing arrow button with a line
over it that you can click to open up a full gallery of choices. However, most themes have
only a few variants to choose from, so all the variants may already be visible without open-
ing the gallery.
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