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Renaming a Theme
You can use the saved theme in other programs too; in Word or Excel, choose Page
Themes in one of those programs.
Save the current slide master’s settings as a new theme.
Renaming a Theme
You can rename a theme fi le by renaming the .thmx fi le from File Explorer (Windows
Explorer), from outside of PowerPoint. By default, theme fi les are stored in: C:\Users\user-
name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes.
Don't want to leave PowerPoint to do this? You can also rename a theme fi le from inside
PowerPoint by using any dialog box that saves or opens fi les. For example, to use the
Choose Theme or Themed Document dialog box to rename a theme, follow these steps:
1. From the Design or Slide Master tab, click Themes, and choose Save Current
Theme. The Choose Theme or Themed Document dialog box opens.
2. If needed, navigate to C:\Users\ username \ AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\
Templates\Document Themes. (That location may appear automatically.)
3. Right-click the theme file and choose Rename. See Figure 4.9.
4. Type the new name for the theme and press Enter.
5. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.
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