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Changing Colors, Fonts, and Effects
2. Select the slide master that already uses the desired theme, and press Ctrl+C to
copy it.
3. Switch to the other presentation (click View
Switch Windows and
click the other presentation's file name).
4. Press Ctrl+V to paste the slide master (and its associated theme and layouts)
into Slide Master view in the other presentation.
As you will learn in "Preserving a Slide Master" later in this chapter, you can preserve a slide master in Slide Master view so that
it doesn’t get deleted automatically when there are no slides based on it. By creating new slide masters, applying themes to
them, and then preserving them, you can create a whole library of themes in a single presentation or template file. Then to make
this library of themes available in another presentation, you simply base the new presentation on that existing presentation (or
Changing Colors, Fonts, and Effects
In addition to overall themes, which govern several types of formatting, PowerPoint also
provides many built-in color, font, and effect themes that you can apply separately from
your choice of design theme. So, for example, you can apply a design theme that contains
a background design you like, as you learned to do earlier in this chapter, and then change
the colors, fonts, and effects for it.
In the following sections, you’ll learn how to apply some of these built-in color, font, and
effect settings to a presentation without changing the theme. For example, you might
choose to make changes in the colors, fonts, and/or effects to customize a theme, and then
save it as a custom theme, as you learned in "Creating a New Theme" earlier in this chapter.
You can change Color, Font, and Effect themes from Slide Master view, or you can choose them from the menu that
appears when you open the Variants gallery on the Design tab. In this chapter we use the Slide Master method.
Understanding Color Placeholders
To understand how PowerPoint changes colors when you choose a different theme or vari-
ant, you must know something about how PowerPoint handles colors in general.
PowerPoint uses a set of color placeholders for the bulk of its color formatting. Because
each item’s color is defi ned by a placeholder, and not as a fi xed color, you can easily change
the colors by switching to a different color theme. This way if you decide, for example, that
you want all the slide titles to be blue rather than green, you make the change once and it
is applied to all slides automatically.
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