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Changing the Color Theme
A group of colors assigned to preset placeholders is a color theme . PowerPoint contains 20+
built-in color themes that are available regardless of the overall theme applied to the pre-
sentation. Because design themes use placeholders to defi ne their colors, you can apply
the desired design theme to the presentation and then fi ne-tune the colors afterward by
experimenting with the built-in color themes.
How many color placeholders are there in a color theme? There are actually 12, but some-
times not all of them are available to be applied to individual objects. When you choose a
color theme, the gallery of themes from which you choose shows only the fi rst eight colors
of each color theme. It doesn’t matter so much here because you can’t apply individual col-
ors from there anyway. When selecting colors from a color picker (used for applying fi ll and
border color to specifi c objects), as in Figure 4.10, there are 10 theme swatches. And when
you defi ne a new custom color theme, there are 12 placeholders to set up. The fi nal two are
for visited and unvisited hyperlinks; these colors aren’t included in a color picker.
PowerPoint uses color pickers such as this one to enable you to easily apply color
placeholders to objects.
Changing the Color Theme
After applying the overall theme you want, you might want to apply different colors. One
way to get different colors, as you saw earlier in this chapter, is to apply a variant. The
variants are just the tip of the iceberg, though; many more color themes are available. To
switch to a different color theme, follow these steps:
1. Open Slide Master view (View
Master Views
Slide Master and click the
desired slide master.
2. Click Slide Master
Colors. A gallery of color themes opens. See
Figure 4.11.
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