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Understanding Font Placeholders
Choose the desired color theme.
3. (Optional) Point to a color theme and observe the preview on the slide behind
the list.
4. Click the desired color theme.
Understanding Font Placeholders
By default in most themes and templates, text box fonts are not set to a specifi c font, but
to one of two designations: Heading or Body. Then a font theme defi nes what specifi c fonts
to use. To change the fonts across the entire presentation, all you have to do is apply a dif-
ferent font theme.
A font theme is an XML-based specifi cation that defi nes a pair of fonts: one for headings
and one for body text. Then that font is applied to the text boxes in the presentation
based on their statuses of Heading or Body. For example, all of the slide titles are usually
set to Heading, and all of the content placeholders and manual text boxes are usually set to
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