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Changing the Font Theme
In a blank presentation (default blank template), when you click inside a slide title place-
holder box, you see Calibri Light (Headings) in the Font group on the Home tab. Figure
4.12 shows that the current font is Calibri Light, and the (Headings) notation following
the name indicates that it is being used only because the font theme specifi es it. You could
change the font theme to Verdana/Verdana, for example, and then the font designation for
that box would appear as Verdana (Headings). The word (Headings) might be truncated, as
it is in Figure 4.12, if your PowerPoint window is not wide enough to allow it to display in
When some text is using a font placeholder rather than a i xed font, (Headings) or (Body)
appears after its name in the Font group on the Home tab.
In some font themes, the same font is used for both headings and body. In many other font
themes, though, the heading and body fonts are different. The default font theme for blank
presentations is Calibri Light/Calibri—the same basic font, but with a thinner version for
the headings.
Changing the Font Theme
After applying a design theme, you might decide you want to use different fonts in the pre-
sentation. To switch to a different font theme, follow these steps:
1. Open Slide Master view (View
Slide Master) and click the
desired slide master. See the note in the previous section about selecting slide
masters vs. layout masters.
Master Views
2. Click Slide Master
Fonts. A gallery of font themes opens. See
Figure 4.13.
3. (Optional) Point to a font theme and observe the change on the slide behind
the list.
4. Click the desired font theme.
Changing the Effect Theme
Effect themes apply to several types of drawings that PowerPoint can construct, including
SmartArt, charts, and drawn lines and shapes. They make the surfaces of objects formatted
with 3-D attributes look like different textures (more or less shiny-looking, colors more or
less deep, and so on).
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