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Creating a Custom Color Theme
Creating a Custom Color Theme
You can defi ne your own custom color themes, and save them for reuse in other presenta-
tions. By default these are saved in the personal folders for the logged-in user on the local
PC, and they remain available to that user regardless of the theme or template in use. These
custom color themes are also included if you save the design theme as a separate theme
fi le ( .thmx ), so that you can take those settings to another PC or send them to some other
A custom color theme defi nes specifi c colors for each of the 12 color placeholders (includ-
ing the two that you can’t directly use—the ones for hyperlinks). To create a custom color
theme, fi rst apply a color theme to the current presentation that is as close as possible to
the color theme you want. This makes it easier because you have to redefi ne fewer place-
holders. Then follow these steps:
1. Open Slide Master view if it is not already open (View
Master Views
2. Click Slide Master
Colors and choose Customize Colors. The
Create New Theme Colors dialog box opens.
3. Type a name for the new color theme in the Name box, replacing the default
name (Custom 1, or other number if there is already a Custom 1).
4. Click a color placeholder and open its menu. See Figure 4.15.
Select the color for the chosen placeholder.
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