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Sharing a Custom Color or Font Theme with Others
Create a new custom font theme by specifying the fonts to use.
5. Open the Body Font drop-down list and select the desired font for body text.
6. Click Save. The font theme is saved, and now appears at the top of the Fonts list,
in the Custom area.
You cannot create custom effect themes.
Sharing a Custom Color or Font Theme with Others
A custom color theme or font theme is available only to the currently logged-in user on the
PC on which it is created. If you want to share it with another user on the same PC, you
can copy it into his or her user folder. In File Explorer (Windows Explorer), start out at C:\
Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes where username
is your Windows sign-in name and then navigate to the appropriate subfolder there: Theme
Colors or Theme Fonts.
The default color and font themes are located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Offi ce\
Document Themes, in the Theme Colors or Theme Fonts folder, respectively.
Another way to share a custom color or font theme is to save the (design) theme to a theme
fi le ( .thmx ). See “Creating a New Theme” earlier in this chapter. The resulting theme fi le
will contain the custom colors and fonts.
Deleting a Custom Color or Font Theme
A custom color or font theme remains until you delete it. The easiest way to do so is to
click the button for the appropriate type (Color or Font) on the Slide Master tab in Slide
Master view, and then right-click the theme in the Gallery and click Delete.
You can also delete the color or font theme from outside of PowerPoint. To delete a theme
color, use File Explorer (Windows Explorer) to navigate to this folder: C:\Users\ username \
AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes\Theme Colors where username
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