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Applying a Background Style
example, if you want the colored shapes shown in Figure 4.18, the only way to get them is
to apply the Facet theme. Because the decorative background graphics are unique to each
theme, many people choose a theme based on the desired background graphics, and then
customize the slide master’s appearance to modify the theme as needed.
To use a background graphic from one template with the look-and-feel of another, apply the first theme to a slide, and then in
Slide Master view copy the background graphic to the clipboard. Then apply the second theme and paste the graphic from the
clipboard onto the second Slide Master.
Applying a Background Style
Background styles are preset background formats that come with the built-in themes in
PowerPoint. Depending on the theme you apply, different background styles are available.
These background styles use the color placeholders from the theme, so their color offerings
change depending on the color theme applied.
To apply a background style, follow these steps:
1. Switch to Slide Master view.
2. (Optional) To affect certain layouts, select the layout(s) to affect from the left
pane. To select more than one layout at once, hold down the Ctrl key as you click
the layouts you want. Or, to affect all layouts, select the slide master itself.
3. Click Slide Master
Background Styles.
A gallery of styles appears, as shown in Figure 4.19.
Apply a preset background style.
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