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Working with Background Graphics
With the Fill icon selected, choose the i ll type that best i ts your needs.
Working with Background Graphics
In Figure 4.20, one of the fi ll types you saw on the list was Picture or texture fi ll. This type
of fi ll covers the entire background with the picture or texture that you specify.
That's not what we mean by a background graphic in this section, however. A background
graphic in the context of the following discussion is an object or a picture overlaid on top
of the background on the slide master, like those shapes I pointed out in Figure 4.18. The
background graphics complement the background, and might or might not cover the entire
Many of the theme-provided background graphics actually consist of multiple shapes, and in some cases they are
grouped together. You can ungroup them, as shown in Chapter 9, so that you can modify or remove only a portion of
the background graphic.
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