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Displaying and Hiding Background Graphics
Displaying and Hiding Background Graphics
Sometimes a background graphic can get in the way of the slide’s content. For example, on
a slide that contains a large chart or diagram, a background graphic around the border of
the slide can overlap the content. You don’t have to delete the background graphic entirely
to solve this problem; you can turn it off for individual slides. To hide the background
graphics on one or more slides, follow these steps:
1. Select the slide or slides to affect.
2. Click Design
Format Background. The Format Background task
pane opens with the Fill icon selected.
3. Select the Hide background graphics check box. The background graphic disap-
pears from the slide. See Figure 4.21.
Mark the Hide background graphics check box to suppress the background graphics on the
selected slide.
Mark this checkbox to
hide background graphics
Deselect the check box to redisplay the background graphics later as needed.
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