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Deleting Background Graphics
If you want to hide the background graphics on all the slides that use a particular layout
master or slide master, do the following:
1. Click View
Master Views
Slide Master to enter Slide Master view.
2. In the left pane, select the slide master or layout master(s) to affect.
3. On the Slide Master tab, mark the Hide Background Graphics check box.
Deleting Background Graphics
The background graphics reside on the slide master, so to remove one, you must use Slide
Master view. Follow these steps:
1. Click View
Master Views
Slide Master. Slide Master view opens.
2. Select the slide master or layout master that contains the graphic to delete.
3. Click the background graphic to select it.
4. Press the Delete key on the keyboard.
Some background graphics are on the slide master itself, and others are on individual layout masters. The background graphics on
the slide master trickle down to each of its layout masters, but can’t be selected/deleted from the individual layout masters.
To use a background graphic only on certain layouts, cut it from the slide master to the Clipboard (Ctrl+X), and then
paste it individually onto each layout master desired (Ctrl+V). Alternatively, turn on the background graphic for the
slide master and then use Hide Background Graphics on individual layout masters that should not contain it.
Adding Your Own Background Graphics
You can add your own background graphics, either to the slide master or to individual
layout masters. This works just like adding any other graphic to a slide (see Chapter 11),
except you add it to the master instead of to an individual slide.
Inserting pictures is covered in greater detail in Chapter 11, but here are the basic steps for
adding a background graphic:
1. Display the slide master or layout master on which you want to place the back-
ground graphic.
2. Do any of the following:
Click Insert
Pictures. Select a picture to insert and click Insert.
Click Insert
Online Pictures. Search for a piece of clip art to use, or
an image from another online source, and insert it on the master.
In any application (including PowerPoint), copy any graphic to the Clipboard
by pressing Ctrl+C; then display the master and paste the graphic by pressing
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