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Working with Placeholders
Most of the background graphics that come with the built-in themes are either semi-transparent or use one of the placeholder col-
ors for their fill. Therefore changing the color theme or theme variant also changes the color of the background graphic. Keep that
in mind if you are creating your own background graphics; it’s better to use theme colors or transparency than to use fixed colors
that might clash with a color theme that you later apply.
Working with Placeholders
Recall from earlier in this chapter that when you enter Slide Master view, one or more
slide masters appear in the left pane, each with its own subordinate layout masters. The
slide master and each layout master has fi ve preset placeholders that you can individually
remove or move around. Figure 4.22 points them out on a slide master with the Facet theme
applied, but they might be in different locations in other themes:
Each slide master contains these placeholders (or can contain them).
Slide number
Title: The placeholder for the title on each slide
Text: The main content placeholder on each slide
Date: The box that displays the current date on each slide
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