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Formatting a Placeholder
Slide number: The box that displays the slide number on each slide
Footer: A box that displays repeated text at the bottom of each
Each of these elements on the slide master trickles down to the layout masters beneath
it, so formatting, moving, or deleting one of these elements from the slide master also
changes it on each of the layouts.
Even though the placeholders are there on the slide master and/or layout master, the Date, Slide num-
ber, and Footer placeholders do not display on the slides unless you enable them. See “Displaying the
Date, Number, and Footer on Slides” later in this chapter to learn how.
Formatting a Placeholder
You can format the text in each of the placeholders on the slide master just like any regu-
lar text, and that formatting carries over to all slides and layouts based on it. For example,
if you format the code in the Slide Number box with a certain font and size, it will appear
that way on every slide that uses that slide master. You can also format the placeholder
boxes just like any other text boxes. For example, you can add a border around the page
number’s box, and/or fi ll its background with color.
If you want to make all of the text in a heading all-caps or small-caps, use the Font dialog box. To do so, from the Home tab, click
the dialog box launcher in the Font group and select the Small Caps or All Caps check box there.
See Chapters 5 and 6 to learn how to format text. See Chapter 6 for more information about formatting
text boxes.
Moving, Deleting, or Restoring Placeholders
You can move each of the placeholders on the slide master or an individual layout master.
For example, you might decide you want the Footer box at the top of the slide rather than
the bottom, or that you want to center the slide number at the bottom of the slide:
To move a placeholder, click it to select it and then drag its border, just as you did
with text boxes in Chapter 3.
To delete one of the placeholders on the slide master, select its box and press the
Delete key on the keyboard. Deleting it from the slide master deletes it from all of
the associated layouts as well. It also deletes any special formatting they had, so if
you add them back later, you have to reformat them.
On an individual layout master, you can quickly delete and restore the Title and
Footer placeholders by selecting or deselecting the Title and Footers check boxes on
the Slide Master tab. The “footer” that this check box refers to is actually all three
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