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Displaying the Date, Number, and Footer on Slides
of the bottom-of-the-slide elements: the actual footer, the date box, and the slide
number box.
You can also individually delete the placeholders from a layout master, the same as
you can on a slide master. Just select a placeholder box and press the Delete key.
To restore deleted Date, Footer, or Slide Number placeholders on an individual lay-
out master, display the Slide Master tab and select the Footers check box. If any
of the footer placeholders (Date, Footer, or Slide Number) were previously deleted,
they reappear.
To control the status for each of the placeholders on the slide master, select the
slide master in the left pane and then click Slide Master
Layout to open the Master Layout dialog box. From there, mark the check boxes
for the placeholders you want to display or hide and click OK. See Figure 4.23. This
action is available only for the slide master, not for individual layout masters.
Master Layout
Set each placeholder’s on/off status in the Master Layout dialog box.
Restored placeholders might not appear in the same spots as they did originally; you might need to move them. To
put the placeholders back to their original locations, reapply the theme from the Themes button on the Slide Master
Displaying the Date, Number, and Footer on Slides
Even though the placeholders for Date, Number, and Footer might appear on the slide mas-
ter, they do not appear on the actual slides in the presentation unless you enable them.
This might seem counterintuitive at fi rst, but it’s actually a benefi t. PowerPoint enables
you to turn the date, number, and footer on and off without having to delete, recreate, or
reformat their placeholders. You can decide at the last minute whether you want them to
display or not, and you can choose differently for different audiences and situations.
You can control all three areas from the Header and Footer dialog box. To open it, click
Header and Footer. Then on the Slide tab, select the check boxes for each
of the three elements that you want to use, as shown in Figure 4.24.
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