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Date and Time
Choose which footer elements should appear on slides.
Date and Time
You can set Date and Time either to Update Automatically or to Fixed:
Update Automatically pulls the current date from the computer’s clock and for-
mats it in whatever format you choose from the drop-down list. You can also select
a language and a Calendar Type (although this is probably not an issue unless
you are presenting in some other country than the one for which your version of
PowerPoint was developed).
Fixed prints whatever you enter in the Fixed text box. When Fixed is enabled, it
defaults to today’s date in the mm/dd/yyyy format.
In addition to (or instead of) placing the date on each slide, you can insert an individual instance of the current date or time
on a slide, perhaps as part of a sentence. To do so, position the insertion point inside a text box or placeholder and then click
Date and Time. Select the format you want from the dialog box that appears and click OK. If the insertion point
is not in an editable text area when you click Date and Time, the Header and Footer dialog box opens instead; click Cancel, reposi-
tion the insertion point, and try again.
Slide Number
This option shows the slide number on each slide, wherever the Number placeholder is posi-
tioned. You can format the Number placeholder on the slide master with the desired font,
size, and other text attributes.
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