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Deleting and Restoring a Custom Placeholder
Create a new placeholder on a slide.
4. Drag on the slide to draw the placeholder box of the size and position desired.
A rectangle appears showing where the placeholder box will go. When you release
the mouse button, the new placeholder appears on the slide.
Deleting and Restoring a Custom Placeholder
To delete a custom placeholder, select it and press the Delete key, just as you learned to do
earlier with the preset placeholders.
The difference between custom and preset placeholders is not in the deleting, but rather in
the restoring. You can immediately undo a deletion with Ctrl+Z, but you cannot otherwise
restore a deleted custom placeholder from a layout master. PowerPoint retains no memory
of the content placeholders on individual layouts. Therefore, you must recreate any content
placeholders that you have accidentally deleted.
To restore one of the built-in layouts, copy it from another slide master. See the sections “Duplicating and Deleting Layouts” and
“Copying Layouts Between Slide Masters” later in this chapter.
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