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Overriding the Slide Master Formatting for a Layout
Overriding the Slide Master Formatting for a Layout
You can apply formatting to a layout in almost exactly the same ways as you apply format-
ting to a regular slide or to a slide master. Only a few things are off-limits:
You cannot apply a different theme to individual layouts under a common slide
master. To use a different theme for some slides, you have to create a whole new
slide master (covered later in this chapter).
You cannot apply a different font, color, or effect theme, because these are related
to the main theme and the slide master. If you need different fonts or colors on a
certain layout, specify fi xed font formatting for the text placeholders in that lay-
out, or specify fi xed color choices for objects.
For more on slide masters, see the section “Managing Slide Masters” earlier in this chapter. For more on
formatting text placeholders, see Chapter 5. For more on specifying colors for objects, see Chapter 9.
You cannot delete a background graphic that is inherited from the slide master; if
you want it only on certain layouts, delete it from the slide master, and then paste
it individually onto each layout desired, or select Hide Background Graphics from
certain layouts.
You cannot change the slide orientation (portrait or landscape) or the slide size.
So what can you do to an individual layout, then? Plenty. You can do the following:
Apply a different background.
Reposition, resize, or delete preset placeholders inherited from the slide master.
Apply fi xed formatting to text placeholders, including different fonts, sizes, colors,
attributes, indents, and alignment.
Apply formatting using theme colors and theme fonts.
Apply fi xed formatting to any placeholder box, including different fi ll and border
styles and colors.
Create manual text boxes and type any text you like into them. You might do this
to include copyright notice on certain slide layouts, for example. However, keep in
mind that such text boxes can’t be edited on the individual slides.
Insert pictures or clip art that should repeat on each slide that uses a certain
Creating a New Layout
In addition to modifying the existing layouts, you can create your own brand-new layouts,
defi ning the exact placeholders you want. To create a new layout, follow these steps:
1. From Slide Master view, click the slide master with which to associate the new
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