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Renaming a Layout
2. Click Slide Master
Insert Layout. A new layout appears. Each
new layout you create starts with preset placeholders inherited from the slide mas-
ter for Title, Footer, Date, and Slide Number.
Edit Master
3. (Optional) Hide or delete any of the preset placeholders that you don’t want.
4. Insert new placeholders as needed.
To insert a placeholder, see the section “Adding a Custom Placeholder” earlier in the chapter. To name
the layout, see the next section “Renaming a Layout.”
5. (Optional) Name the layout. See "Renaming a Layout" later in this chapter to
do so.
The new layout is part of the slide master, but not part of the theme. The theme is applied to the slide master, but at
this point their relationship ends; and changes that you make to the slide master do not affect the existing theme. To
save your custom layout(s), you have two choices: You can save the presentation as a template, or you can save the
theme as a separate i le. You learned about saving themes in “Managing Themes” earlier in this chapter.
Renaming a Layout
Layout names can help you determine the purpose of a layout if it is not obvious from
viewing its thumbnail image.
To change the name of a layout, or to assign a name to a new layout you’ve created, follow
these steps:
1. In Slide Master view, right-click the layout and choose Rename Layout. The
Rename Layout dialog box opens.
2. Type a new name for the layout, replacing the existing name.
3. Click Rename.
Duplicating and Deleting Layouts
You might want to copy a layout to get a head start on creating a new one. To copy a lay-
out, right-click the layout in Slide Master view and choose Duplicate Layout. A copy of the
layout appears below the original.
If you are never going to use a certain layout, you might as well delete it; every layout you
can delete makes the fi le a little bit smaller. To delete a layout, right-click the layout in
Slide Master view and choose Delete Layout.
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