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Copying Layouts Between Slide Masters
You might have a couple of layouts at the bottom of the list that employ vertical text. These are for users of Asian
languages. They show up in the New Slide and Layout galleries on the home tab if you have certain Asian languages
enabled on your system. Don’t delete them if you will sometimes need to create Asian-language slides.
Copying Layouts Between Slide Masters
When you create additional slide masters in the presentation, any custom layouts you’ve
created for the existing slide masters do not carry over. You must manually copy them to
the new slide master.
To copy a layout from one slide master to another, follow these steps:
1. In Slide Master view, select the layout to be copied.
2. Press Ctrl+C.
3. Select the slide master under which you want to place the copy.
4. Press Ctrl+V.
You can also copy layouts between slide masters in different presentations. To do so, open
both presentation fi les, and then perform the previous steps. The only difference is that
after step 2, you must switch to the other presentation’s Slide Master view.
Managing Slide Masters
Let’s review the relationship one more time between slide masters and themes. A theme is
a set of formatting specs (colors, fonts, and effects) that can be used in PowerPoint, Word,
or Excel. Themes are not applied directly to slides—they are applied to slide masters, which
govern the formatting of slides. The slide masters exist within the presentation fi le itself.
You can change them by applying different themes, but they are essentially “built in” to
the presentation fi le.
When you change to a different theme for all of the slides in the presentation, your slide
master changes its appearance. You can tweak that appearance in Slide Master view. As
long as all of the slides in the presentation use the same theme, you need only one slide
master. However, if you apply a different theme to some of your slides, you need another
slide master, because a slide master can have only one theme applied to it at a time.
PowerPoint automatically creates the additional slide master(s) for you when you apply a
different design to some slides but not to others.
If you later reapply a single theme to all of the slides in the presentation, you do not need
multiple slide masters anymore, so the unused one is automatically deleted. In addition to
all this automatic creation and deletion of slide masters, you can also manually create and
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