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Creating and Deleting Slide Masters
delete slide masters on your own. Any slide masters that you create manually are automati-
cally preserved, even if they aren’t always in use. You must manually delete them if you
don’t want them anymore.
In the following sections, you learn how to create and delete slide masters manually, and
how to rename them. You also learn how to lock one of the automatically created slide mas-
ters so that PowerPoint does not delete it if it falls out of use.
Creating and Deleting Slide Masters
To create another slide master, start out in Slide Master view (of course), and then click
Slide Master
Insert Slide Master. The new slide master appears below the
existing slide master(s) and all its individual layout masters in the left pane of Slide Master
view. From there, just start customizing it. You can apply a theme to it, modify its layouts
and placeholders, and all the usual things you can do to a slide master. Another way to cre-
ate a new slide master is to duplicate an existing one. To do this, right-click the existing
slide master and choose Duplicate Master.
Edit Master
To delete a slide master, select it in Slide Master view (make sure you select the slide mas-
ter itself, not just one of its layouts) and press the Delete key. If any of that slide master’s
layouts were applied to any slides in the presentation, those slides automatically convert to
the default slide master’s equivalent layout. If no exact layout match is found, PowerPoint
does its best: it uses its default Title and Content layout and includes any extra content as
orphaned items.
Renaming a Slide Master
Slide master names appear as category headings on the Layout list as you are selecting lay-
outs. For example, in Figure 4.26, the slide master names are Facet and Ion.
To rename a slide master, follow these steps:
1. In Slide Master view, right-click the slide master and choose Rename Master.
The Rename Master dialog box opens.
2. Type a new name for the master, replacing the existing name.
3. Click Rename.
Preserving a Slide Master
Unless you have created the slide master yourself, it is temporary. Slide masters come and
go as needed, as you format slides with various themes. To lock a slide master so that
it doesn’t disappear when no slides are using it, right-click the slide master and choose
Preserve Master, or click Slide Master
Preserve. The Preserve button on the
Slide Master tab appears selected, indicating the slide master is preserved. To unpreserve it,
click the Preserve button again, or right-click the slide master again and choose Preserve
Master. See Figure 4.27.
Edit Master
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