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Applying a Fixed Font
3. Click Slide Master
Fonts . The Fonts menu opens to display sam-
ples of the available font themes. These include both built-in font themes and any
custom themes that you’ve created.
4. Hover the mouse pointer over a theme to see it previewed on the master
behind the open menu.
5. Click the font theme that you want to apply.
6. Click Slide Master
Close Master View to exit from Slide Master view.
To create your own custom font themes, see Chapter 4.
You have to be in Slide Master view to change the font theme because the Slide Master tab is the only place you can
access the Font Theme button. However, if you add that button to the Quick Access toolbar, you can access it from
Normal view too.
Applying a Fixed Font
If you apply a specifi c font to some text, that text will no longer use the font that is speci-
fi ed by the font theme. That font will not change when you change the presentation’s over-
all font theme or when you change to a different overall theme.
If this is what you want, then you have two ways to apply a specifi c font: from the Home
tab or from the mini toolbar.
To apply a font from the Home tab, follow these steps:
1. Select the text to be formatted. It can be on a slide master (most preferable for
consistency’s sake), on a layout master, or on an individual slide.
2. On the Home tab, in the Font group, open the Font drop-down list (Figure 5.1) .
3. Point to a font other than the ones designated (Headings) and (Body). The
selected text is previewed in that font.
4. Click the font that you want. PowerPoint applies the font to the text.
If you want to return to using the theme fonts, select the “Headings” or the “Body” font
from the top of the menu.
The mini toolbar is just what it sounds like — a small toolbar. It appears above and to the
right of selected text. When the mouse pointer is directly on top of the selected text,
the mini toolbar appears dimmed, but if you move your mouse up to the mini toolbar, it
becomes fully visible.
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