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Specifying a Font Size
they comprise are not as obvious. See the section “Adjusting Character Spacing”
later in this chapter.
If any of your slide titles are so long that they wrap to an additional line within
the title placeholder box, consider slightly decreasing the font size for the title
placeholder on the slide master so that the wrapping doesn’t occur. Make your
changes to the slide master — not the individual slide on which the problem
occurs. This is because audiences fi nd it jarring when the slide title is not in the
same place or not the same size on every slide.
Specifying a Font Size
The Font Size drop-down list, shown in Figure 5.5, is on the Home tab and is actually also
an input box. You can click it and type a font size directly into the text box, or you can
open the drop-down list and select a value. Typing your own value is useful if the size that
you want doesn’t appear on the list. At the smaller sizes, the list increments by one point,
but at the larger sizes, it makes bigger jumps, and so not all values are available.
Select a font size from the drop-down list, or click in the Font Size text box and type a value.
Increase Size
Decrease Size
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