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Adjusting Character Spacing
The same Font Size drop-down list is also available in the mini toolbar and in the Font dialog box.
As a shortcut, you can also use the Increase Font and Decrease Font buttons, which are
available both on the Home Ribbon and on the mini toolbar. They are shown in Figure
5.5, and they increase or decrease the font size by one position on the Font Size list. (As
noted earlier, for the smaller sizes, the increment occurs at one point at a time, but for
larger sizes there is more of a jump between sizes.) You can also use the following keyboard
Increase Font: Ctrl+Shift+>
Decrease Font: Ctrl+Shift+<
Adjusting Character Spacing
Character spacing is the amount of blank space between individual letters. You can adjust
this spacing to make more or less text fi ll a text box. Character spacing can affect the
appearance and readability of both titles and body text, and Figure 5.6 shows examples of
the various character spacing presets that are available with examples of how it affects
your text.
Character spacing, which you set from the Home tab, affects the appearance and readability
of your text.
Very tight
Very loose
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