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Adjusting Character Spacing
To adjust character spacing, select the text and then choose a setting from the Character
Spacing drop-down menu on the Home tab.
To set custom spacing, choose More Spacing from the drop-down menu. This opens the Font
dialog box to the Character Spacing tab, as shown in Figure 5.7.
Adjust character spacing and kerning using custom settings in the Font dialog box.
To set custom spacing, choose either Expanded or Condensed from the Spacing list, and
then enter a number of points by which to expand or condense. As a point of reference,
Table 5.1 lists the presets from Figure 5.6 and their expand/condense values; use these as a
basis for fi ne-tuning.
TABLE 5.1 Equivalent Expanded/Condensed Settings for Character
Spacing Presets
Custom Spacing Equivalent
Very Tight
Condense by 3 points
Condense by 1.5 points
Expand by 3 points
Very Loose
Expand by 6 points
You can also adjust kerning in the Font dialog box. Kerning decreases the amount of
space between two letters, based upon their shapes. For example, when capital letters A
and V appear next to each other, you can reduce the space between them without them
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