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Applying WordArt Styles
There is no distinction between WordArt and regular text, and so you do not have to choose
between cool special effects and including text in the outline and spell checks.
A WordArt Style is a preset combination of fi ll color, outline color, and text effects. WordArt
Styles are built into PowerPoint — you can’t customize them or add to them. However, you
can apply one and then make changes to it.
For more on text effects, see the section “Applying Text Effects.”
To apply a WordArt Style, follow these steps:
1. (Optional) To make the style apply to certain text, select that text.
2. In the WordArt Styles group on the Drawing Tools Format tab, click the More
button to open the gallery. A gallery of WordArt presets appears. See Figure 5.16.
Select a WordArt Style.
3. Hover the mouse pointer over the styles to preview them on the text on the
4. Click the desired style to apply it.
To remove a previous WordArt effect, open the WordArt Styles gallery again and choose
Clear WordArt.
If you choose a WordArt style that is supposed to apply only to the selected text, but you
have not selected any text, then PowerPoint applies it to the word at the insertion point’s
location. The insertion point can be at the beginning of the word or anywhere within it,
but not following the word. If the insertion point follows a word, PowerPoint tries to apply
the style to text that is to the right of the word. If this is a blank space, the style applies
to the blank space and the change is not apparent.
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