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Applying Text Effects
WordArt effects are not available when working in Compatibility mode (that is, on a PowerPoint 97-2003 format pre-
sentation). When you save a presentation in PowerPoint 97-2003 format, any text box that contains text with WordArt
formatting applied is converted to a graphic that you cannot edit. If you need to edit the text in PowerPoint 2003 or
earlier, make sure that you remove the WordArt effects before saving in that format.
Applying Text Effects
The text effects that you apply using the Text Effects button in the WordArt Styles
group — Shadow, Refl ection, Glow, Bevel, 3-D Rotation, and Transform — are similar to
regular attributes such as bold, italic, and underline, in that they apply modifi ers to the
basic text to produce some special appearance. However, this chapter looks at these effects
separately because they are part of the WordArt functionality.
When working with text for presentations that need to be backward-compatible with PowerPoint 2003 and earlier,
stick with the effects that you can access from the Font group.
All of these effects, except for Transform, are also available for formatting graphics objects
such as drawn shapes, SmartArt, and charts.
To customize and i ne-tune each of these text effects, see Chapter 9.
There are two ways to apply a shadow — one is available in all PowerPoint presentation
versions, and the other is available only in PowerPoint 2007 and later presentations.
The Shadow button on the Home tab (in the Font group) applies a default shadow to any
text, and you can use it even in a backward-compatible presentation. Its shadow appears
slightly below and to the right of the text, and the shadow color is automatically based on
the background color.
to open a gallery of shadow presets. These presets are divided into categories, including
Outer (the default type), Inner, and Perspective, as shown in Figure 5.17. You can scroll
down in the gallery to access more presets.
For more fl exibility, click Drawing Tools Format
WordArt Styles
Text Effects
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