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Rel ection
Reflection creates a partial mirror image of the text beneath the original, making it appear
as if it were looking into a refl ecting pool. Figure 5.18 illustrates the effect.
Choose a refl ection preset from the Refl ection submenu of the Text Effects menu, as shown
in Figure 5.18.
To remove the refl ection effect, choose No Refl ection from the top of the gallery menu.
Select a rel ection preset to apply a Rel ection effect to text.
You can also choose Refl ection Options to open the Refl ection options in the Format Shape
task pane, from which you can fi ne-tune any of the following (see Figure 5.19):
Transparency. The extent to which anything behind the text shows through the
refl ection
Size. The size of the refl ection
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