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Distance. The distance between the refl ection and the text or object being
refl ected
Blur. The sharpness or blurriness of the refl ection effect
Fine-tune a rel ection effect in the Format Shape task pane.
Glow appears as a soft halo effect around the text. You can choose from four levels of thick-
ness for the glow, as well as any glow color. Figure 5.20 shows a glow effect.
You can choose a glow preset from the Glow submenu of the Text Effects menu. You must
fi rst select the level that you want by clicking one of the presets in the gallery, as shown
in Figure 5.20. The presets use the colors in the current theme. Then, if you cannot fi nd the
desired color, you can reopen the submenu and choose More Glow Colors. You can then click
the color that you want from the color picker. Keep in mind, though, that if you use one of
the other colors, and then change the colors in the presentation, the object won’t change
color. To remove the glow, choose No Glow from the top of the gallery menu.
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