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Bevel (3-D format)
You can select a glow preset, as well as a different color.
You can also choose Glow Options to open the Glow settings in the Format Shape task pane,
from which you can specify the following (see Figure 5.21):
Presets. Choosing a preset from this list is the same as choosing one from the Glow
submenu in Figure 5.20.
Color. Sets the color of the glow.
Size. Sets the size of the glow around the text or object.
Transparency. Determines the extent to which whatever is behind the glow shows
The Soft Edges option applies only to shapes, not to text, so those options are grayed out
(unavailable) in the Format Shape task pane when text is selected.
Bevel (3-D format)
A bevel is a slanting, curving, or rounding off of the edges of an object. It is not a very
obvious effect when applied to most text, and so it’s mostly for larger, drawn objects and
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