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Bevel (3-D format)
pieces of charts and diagrams. However, on large, thick letters in light colors, beveling is
sometimes useful to create a raised or textured effect. For example, in Figure 5.22, a bevel
effect adds a raised appearance to the letters.
Fine-tune the glow in the Format Shape task pane.
Bevel effects are not easily visible at the default zoom in Normal view. To really see the bevel effect, zoom in on the
letters to at least 300 percent. Bevels work well with light or bright-colored text; they are not usually visible with
black text.
Choose a bevel preset from the Bevel submenu of the Text Effects menu, as shown in
Figure 5.22.
Beveling is a subset of a larger category of formatting known as 3-D. With 3-D, you can
apply not only bevels to the edges, but also depth, contours, and surface effects. The 3-D
effects are not as effective with text as with other types of objects because text is rela-
tively small and thin, and the effects are not readily visible.
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