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Bevel (3-D format)
For more on depth, contours, and surface effects, see Chapter 9.
You can select a bevel preset and add depth or texture to text.
To fi ne-tune the bevel effect, select 3-D Options from the bottom of the Bevel submenu. The
Format Shape task pane opens with the 3-D Format settings displayed, as shown in Figure
5.23. From here you can adjust the width and height of the top and bottom bevel effect (in
points), and you can also experiment with the colors and sizes of the depth and contour
settings, as well as the 3-D lighting and surface effects.
The Contour section governs the outline that appears around the text when you apply beveling. If you do not want the beveled text
to have an outline, set the Size to 0 points in the Contour section, as shown in Figure 5.23.
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