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3-D Rotation
3-D Rotation
The 3-D Rotation effect slants, tilts, or otherwise manipulates the text so that it looks as
if it is being viewed at an angle. You can slant and tilt the letters themselves, as shown in
Figure 5.25.
The 3-D rotation effect makes text appear to tilt, slant, and rotate.
There are four factors that make up a 3-D rotation setting:
X. Left-to-right rotation
Y. Top-to-bottom rotation
Z. Rotation around a center point
Perspective. The height at which you are viewing (above or below)
The 3-D rotation presets combine these factors to create commonly used effects. Select a
rotation preset from the 3-D Rotation submenu of the Text Effects menu, as shown in
Figure 5.26.
To adjust each of the four factors separately, choose 3-D Rotation Options from the bottom
of the submenu and set the angles for each factor in the Format Text Effects dialog box.
By combining them with the 3-D Format settings in that same dialog box, you can create
almost any effect that you want.
For more on the various rotation settings, see Chapter 9.
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