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Applying a Transformation
Some examples of transformation effects.
Applying a Transformation
There are two categories of transformation: Follow Path and Warp. Follow Path is the “tra-
ditional” type of WordArt transformation, squeezing the text into various shapes. Follow
Path does not reshape the text itself, but makes the characters hug a curved path. The
bottom-right example in Figure 5.27 is a Follow Path effect; the others are Warp effects.
To apply a transformation effect, select it from the Transform submenu of the Text Effects
menu, as shown in Figure 5.28. To remove a transformation effect, choose No Transform.
Modifying a Transformation
After applying a transformation, you might be able to modify its shape somewhat, depend-
ing on the transformation that you have chosen. Once you select the Transform setting,
look for a purple square in the WordArt text. Figure 5.29 shows an example. You can drag
this square to reshape the effect, making it more or less dramatic. You can drag the purple
square in the center of the WordArt to stretch or compress the center. Lines appear as you
drag to show the new position.
You can also rotate the WordArt by dragging the circular arrow graphic at the top. This works just like rotating any
other object and is covered in Chapter 9.
Tips for Using the Follow Path Transformations
The Follow Path transformations are a bit different from the Warp transformations, and so
it might not be obvious how to manipulate them. Here are some tips:
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