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Copying Formatting with Format Painter
bends around the right side as a center point. If you use right alignment, the text
starts upside-down.
Modify the shape of the transformation effect by dragging a purple square.
Drag purple square
The fourth Follow Path transformation (Button) makes text appear above a center
line, on a center line, and then below a center line. To indicate what text should
appear where, press Enter to insert paragraph breaks between the text segments.
Copying Formatting with Format Painter
Once you have formatted text exactly the way you want it, you might want to copy it to
other blocks of text. To do this, you can use the Format Painter tool. Format Painter picks
up the formatting of any object (including text) and “paints” it onto other objects.
To use Format Painter, follow these steps:
1. Select the text or other object whose formatting you want to copy.
2. Click Home
Format Painter, as shown in Figure 5.30. The mouse
pointer changes to a paintbrush. If you want to copy the formatting onto more
than one object or section of text, double-click the Format Painter icon instead of
just clicking it.
3. Click the object, or drag across the text, to which you want to apply the
4. (Optional) If you double-clicked the Format Painter icon in step 2, Format
Painter is still enabled; click additional objects to apply the formatting. Press
Esc to cancel the Format Painter when you are fi nished.
To clear the formatting from a block of text, click the Home
Clear All Formatting.
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