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Chapter 6: Formatting Paragraphs and Text Boxes
Formatting Paragraphs and
Text Boxes
Formatting bulleted lists
Formatting numbered lists
Setting tabs and indents
Adjusting line spacing
Controlling horizontal and vertical alignment
Formatting text boxes
In the previous chapter you learned how to format text by applying fonts, sizes, colors, attri-
butes, and WordArt special effects. Now that your text is looking its best, you can expand the
focus to the next level: paragraphs.
What can you do to an entire paragraph, as opposed to an individual text character? Plenty. For
example, you can defi ne multiple levels of bulleted and numbered lists, and you can adjust the tab
stops, indentations, line spacing, and horizontal alignment for each paragraph.
All of these things happen within the context of text boxes, of course, because PowerPoint places
all text in text boxes. So this chapter also takes a look at text box formatting, including fi lls, bor-
ders, vertical alignment, and rotation.
Formatting Bulleted Lists
For better or for worse, most PowerPoint presentations contain a lot of bulleted lists. When you cre-
ate a slide based on a layout that includes a bulleted list, or when you type a new slide in the out-
line pane, you get bullets automatically.
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