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Bullets and the Slide Master
See Appendix A, “What Makes a Great Presentation?” for an analysis of why bulleted lists are some-
times not the best way to present information, and see Lab 1, “Presenting Content without Bulleted
Lists,” at the end of the book to learn about alternatives.
If you apply text formatting such as bold to a paragraph, the bullet character will also be affected. To avoid this, leave
a blank space after the i nal character in the paragraph and then make sure you select only the text, not the entire
paragraph, before applying text effects.
Bullets and the Slide Master
You can apply the bulleted list changes that you learn about in the following sections to
individual paragraphs, but your best bet is to apply them to the slide master, or at least to
individual layout masters. That way, you ensure consistency throughout the presentation.
On the slide master, fi ve levels of bullets are defi ned, as shown in Figure 6.1. (You can add
additional levels by pressing Enter and then Tab after the last level.) You can customize
any of these levels individually. Here’s a high-level overview of the process:
To ensure consistency, make bullet format changes on the slide master.
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