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Using Bullet Presets
1. Click View
Master Views
Slide Master .
2. Click the top thumbnail in the left pane, selecting the slide master itself (not
one of its subordinate layouts).
3. Click on the slide, in the “Click to edit Master text styles” line.
4. Customize the bullet character, as in the following sections.
5. Click in the “Second level” line, and customize it.
6. Repeat the preceding steps for other levels that you want to customize. (If you
do not plan to use all nine levels, you do not need to make changes to them.)
7. Click Slide Master tab
Close Master View.
Using Bullet Presets
You can turn off the bullets for any paragraph(s) or text placeholders by selecting them and
clicking the Bullets button on the Home tab to toggle the bullet(s) off. In that same way,
you can apply bullets to paragraphs or text placeholders that don’t currently have them.
The default bullet character depends on the theme but is usually one of the presets on
the Bullets button’s menu, shown in Figure 6.2. To switch among the presets, select the
paragraph(s) to affect, open the button’s menu, and click a different preset. The menu also
has a None command, an alternative for toggling bullets off.
Click the Bullets button to toggle bullets on/off or open its drop-down list.
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