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Changing Bullet Size and Color
Each of the seven presets in the Bullets button’s menu is a placeholder. By default, each
placeholder is populated with a certain symbol, but you can modify any or all of the place-
holders to be different sizes or colors, and you can even replace the characters with your
own choices of symbols or graphics. In the following sections you learn how to select your
own bullet characters.
Changing Bullet Size and Color
Each of the bullet presets (see Figure 6.2) is actually a character from a symbol font. It is
text — and as such, you can format it like text. You can increase or decrease its size, and
you can change its color. To change a bullet’s size and color, follow these steps:
1. Select the paragraph(s) to affect . For best results, make the change on the slide
master to ensure consistency.
2. On the Home tab, open the Bullets button’s menu and choose Bullets and
Numbering. The Bullets and Numbering dialog box appears with the Bulleted tab
3. In the Size box, use the increment buttons to increase or decrease the size. The
size is in relation to the text size of the paragraph.
4. Click the Color button, and select a color from the Color Picker. See Figure 6.3.
Change bullet size and color.
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