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Formatting Numbered Lists
Select one of the small graphics in the search results.
4. Click From a File, and click Browse. The Insert Picture dialog box opens.
5. Select the graphic you want to use and click Open. The picture appears as
a bullet to the selected paragraph(s).
If the picture bullet is too small or too large, reopen the Bullets and Numbering dialog box and increase or decrease the Size
Formatting Numbered Lists
Numbered lists are very similar to bulleted ones except instead of using the same character
for each item, they use sequential numbers or letters. Use a numbered list whenever the
order of the items is signifi cant.
Using Numbering Presets
To switch from bullets to numbering, or to apply numbering to text that has neither bullets
nor numbering applied already, click the Numbering button on the Home tab. This applies
the default numbering style — the one in position #1 of the presets.
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