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Working with Tabs
of an inch, but they do not have an exact one-to-one relationship with the indent markers
on the ruler, so you have to do a bit of mental translation.
There are three indentation settings in the Paragraph dialog box, as shown in Figure 6.10.
Open this dialog box by clicking the dialog box launcher in the Paragraph group on the
Home tab. The settings are as follows:
Before Text. This is a general left indent setting. It sets both the hanging indent
marker and the left indent marker.
Special. This controls what happens to the fi rst line. The choices are Hanging, First
Line, or None. To indent the fi rst line to the left of the others, choose Hanging. If
you want the fi rst line to the right of the others, choose First Line.
By. If you chose Hanging or First Line, this sets the amount by which the fi rst line
will be offset from the Before Text setting.
You can set up indentation via the Paragraph dialog box.
Unlike in Word, there is no right indent marker for paragraphs in PowerPoint.
Working with Tabs
Preset tab stops occur every 1” on the ruler by default. Each time you press the Tab key
(except at the beginning of a paragraph), the insertion point moves to the next tab stop. If
you press Tab at the beginning of a paragraph, the paragraph is demoted one outline level.
(Usually that demotion involves an indentation as well, but the indentation is defi ned on
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