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Adjusting Line Spacing
3. Click the Tabs button. The Tabs dialog box opens (Figure 6.11). From the Tabs dia-
log box, you can do any of the following:
Set a tab stop. Type a number in the Tab Stop Position box to represent the
number of inches from the left edge of the text box. Click the button in the
Alignment section that represents the desired alignment, and then click Set.
Clear a tab stop. To clear just one stop, select the stop to clear and then click
the Clear button. To clear all custom tab stops, click Clear All.
Change the default tab stop interval. The default interval is 1”. To change
that, use the increment buttons in the Default Tab Stops box to increase or
decrease the value, or type a new value directly into the box.
Set or clear tab stops in the Tabs dialog box.
Adjusting Line Spacing
Depending on the theme, PowerPoint leaves varying amounts of space between lines and
between paragraphs. The default blank theme leaves some extra space between each para-
graph to make the divisions between them clearer; other themes tighten this up.
If the chosen theme doesn’t provide the line spacing you want, open it up in Slide Master
view and make changes to the text placeholders on the slide master(s). For example, you
can make the following changes:
If most of your bulleted lists are single line, you can eliminate any extra space
between paragraphs to make them seem closer together.
If most of your bulleted lists are multiline paragraphs, you can add space between
paragraphs to help differentiate them.
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