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Changing Horizontal Alignment
Before. Space before the paragraph
After. Space after the paragraph
Line Spacing. Space between the lines within the paragraph
Before and A ft er are pretty straightforward; you can set their values in points. (Remember,
one point is 72 of an inch on a printed page.) It may be helpful to think about the spacing
in relation to the font size that you are us ing. For example, if you are using 24-point text,
an After setting of 8 points would leave 3 of a line between paragraphs.
You can set Line Spacing to a preset value of Single, 1.5 Lines, or Double. You can also set it
to Multiple and then enter a custom value in the At box. For example, a Multiple value of 1
is single spacing; a Multiple value of 0.9, as shown in Figure 6.13, is slightly less than single
spacing, for just a bit of extra tightness in the layout.
All of the previously mentioned line spacing values are based on the text size in the
paragraph and not fi xed amounts. As the text size changes, the line spacing will adjust
automatically. If you need fi xed line spacing that does not change when the font changes,
choose Exactly from the Line Spacing list. Then you can enter an exact number of points
for the spacing in the At box.
Changing Horizontal Alignment
You can set horizontal alignment on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. The default alignment
is Left, but you can also have Centered, Right, Justifi ed, and Distributed:
Left, Centered, and Right. These are fairly self-explanatory. They refer to the
point at which each line of text aligns with the other lines of text. For example,
the text in this topic is left aligned; the left edge of the paragraph is uniform and
the right edge is ragged.
Justified. The text aligns with both the right and left margins of the text box.
Space is added between words and letters to make that happen. The fi nal line of
the paragraph is not justifi ed; it is left aligned. Many newspapers use this align-
ment. It works best for long lines of text where there is a lot of text in which to
spread out the extra spacing. Although justify looks good with large paragraphs,
it is of limited usefulness for the brief bullet points that are the hallmark of most
slides because it does not affect the last line, and in brief bullets the fi rst line is
the last line.
Distributed. This is just like Justifi ed, except it includes the last line of the para-
graph. You can use it to apply the Justifi ed look to a single-line paragraph.
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