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Formatting Text Boxes
The Shape Fill and Shape Outline buttons, and their respective menus, will be familiar if
you’ve reviewed Chapter 5, “Formatting Text,” because they’re very much the same as for
text (WordArt). For the fi ll, you can choose a solid color, a gradient, a picture, or a texture.
For the outline, you can select a color, thickness, and dash style. See Chapter 9 for the full
details on fi lls and outlines.
Don’t forget that you also have the Eyedropper tool available, which I mentioned in Chapter 5. It enables you to pick up any color
on any object in the presentation, and you can use it from any color chooser in PowerPoint. For a text box, you can access it for
the fill color by clicking Drawing Tools Format
Eyedropper. Then hover the mouse pointer over
the color you want on any existing object and click to pick up and apply that color. To pick up a color for the shape outline, use
Drawing Tools Format
Shape Styles
Shape Fill
Shape Styles
Shape Outline
Selecting one of the background fi lls in Figure 6.16 fi lls the text box separately with one
of the background presets. It does not necessarily pick the same background preset as is
applied to the slide master. If you want the text box to always have the same fi ll as the
current background, you can either leave it set to No Fill (the default fi ll) or set its fi ll to
match the background:
1. Right-click the text box’s border and choose Format Shape. The Format Shape
task pane opens.
2. Click Fill to expand that category if it is not already expanded.
3. Click Slide Background Fill.
4. Close the task pane.
There is only one minor difference between No Fill and a Slide Background Fill. If there
are any objects stacked behind the text box, the text box obscures them when set to
Background but shows them when set to No Fill. Figure 6.17 shows the difference for two
text boxes placed on a wood grain background with a fi lled oval overlaid.
A slide background i ll ignores any intervening objects.
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