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Setting Fill Transparency
After you’ve set the text box’s i ll to Background, the Shape Styles presets no longer work on it until you go back into
the Format Shape dialog box and set the i ll to Solid Fill or one of the other i lls.
Setting Fill Transparency
Fill transparency determines how much of the background (or whatever is layered behind the
text box) shows through it. By default, it is set to 0, which means the text box is not trans-
parent at all when it has a fi ll assigned to it. To set the fi ll transparency, follow these steps:
1. Apply the desired fill (a solid, gradient, picture, or texture fill).
2. Right-click the text box and choose Format Shape. The Format Shape task pane
3. Click Fill to expand the Fill controls if they are not already displayed.
4. Drag the Transparency slider or enter a percentage in its text box. See
Figure 6.18.
Set a text box’s transparency in the Format Shape dialog box.
Fill icon
Transparency slider
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