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Setting Fill Transparency
5. Click Close.
If the fill is a gradient, you must set the transparency separately for each of the gradient stops. (A stop is a color in the gradient.)
Set the Gradient Stops drop-down list to Stop 1, adjust the transparency, set it to Stop 2, adjust the transparency, and so on.
Chapter 9 explains gradients in more detail.
There is another way to set transparency, but it only works when you are applying solid
fi xed colors as follows:
1. Select the text box.
2. Click Drawing Tools Format
Shape Styles
Shape Fill
More Fill Colors.
3. Select the desired color.
4. Drag the Transparency slider at the bottom of the dialog box to a new value, as
shown in Figure 6.19.
You can set i ll transparency for solid-colored text boxes in the Color dialog box.
Transparency slider
5. Click OK.
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