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Changing Text Box Rotation
Select a vertical alignment from the Align Text button’s menu.
If you want one of the centered-type alignments, you must use the Paragraph dialog box.
Follow these steps:
1. Choose Home
More Options, or right-click the text
box and choose Format Shape, to open the Format Shape task pane.
Align Text
2. Click Text Options.
3. Click the Text Box icon.
4. Choose a Vertical alignment setting. See Figure 6.22.
5. In the AutoFit section, choose Do Not AutoFit or Shrink Text on Overflow.
If Resize Shape to Fit Text is selected here, the text box can’t be made any taller
than is necessary to accommodate the text in it, so there will be no blank space to
allocate vertically and no difference between the vertical alignment settings.
6. Close the task pane.
Changing Text Box Rotation
PowerPoint provides several types of rotation. You can spin things around a center point
(the traditional 2-D type of rotation), or you can apply several 3-D rotation effects.
However, the 3-D type is not well suited for text boxes because it tends to distort the text.
See Chapter 9 to learn more about the 3-D type and to experiment with a text box. See Chapter 5 for
3-D type as it pertains to WordArt.
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