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Changing Text Direction
If you want to rotate the text box only, but not the text within it, here’s how to accomplish
1. Apply a border or fill to the text box (of any type) so you can see the rotation
2. Right-click the text box and choose Format Shape.
3. Click Shape Options, and then click the Effects icon.
4. Click 3-D Rotation to expand that set of controls.
5. Select the Keep Text Flat check box.
6. Click the buttons on the Z Rotation: row to rotate the text box while leaving
the text as is.
7. Close the task pane.
Changing Text Direction
Instead of rotating the text box, you might prefer to just rotate the text within it. Text
can run vertically on its side, facing either to the left or right, or the letters can be at
normal orientation individually but stacked vertically. To set a text direction, use the Text
Direction button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. Figure 6.24 shows the menu and
some examples of the text direction settings.
You can set text direction separately from text box rotation.
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